Pablo Przyloski

Pablo Osmanovic

Pablo är en av våra grymt duktiga lärare med lång dansvana och spännande erfarenheter. Nedan beskriver han sin bakgrund!

Short story of my life…

I was born in Poland and there since young, I began to dance. One of the first styles was breakdancing and popping. There I created my first dance group. At the age of 16, first trip out of the country to Germany. There I opened my eyes to dance and all of the culture of hip hop. Since then traveled all over Europe. Work shops, battles, street perfomances, theater productions, generally dance with everyone and everywhere. In my journey I learned to dance, locking, popping, breakdance, house, old school hip-hop, new styles and many different interesting techniques like pantomime :)

My last five years I spent in spain and there with older and younger dancers came back to the streets where streetstyles reaches the best of its self.
A year ago I moved to Falköping, I started my familly, looks like it I‘ll stay here for a few years.
Dance for me, physical ability, artistic expression, rhythm game, the connection between human.

My dance classes will be full of energy and fun with different styles of dance.


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